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RF Machine Shape Face With Cooling And Vacuum

RF Machine Shape Face With Cooling And Vacuum

thermolift is a new machine,the effective is good,patient feel more comfortable than HIFU,we can do OEM services.

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radio frequency be focused at SMAS and epidermis and dermis heating

1. focused RF and water recycling cooling or vacuum
2. radio frequency:40.68MHZ
3. unipolar RF power:300W
4. bipolar RF power:300W
5. dual-layer thermotherapy
6. unipolar focused RF thermotherapy from SMAS to epidermis
7. bipolar focused RF thermotherapy from epidermis to meris
8. anti-aging face & body
9. lifting & tightening skin
10. wrinkles removal
11. improve skin color

12. melt fat

13. reduce weight

14. slimming body

15. shape body and face




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