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OPT technology

OPT technology
Perfect OPT (Optimal Pulse Technology) technology, using three dimensional technology concepts: pulse width + energy + pulse waveform. OPT perfect pulse technology, this word may on most of people compared rusty, actually OPT of technology main is in hardware above do has is big of improved, its core is can precision of control each pulse, and and each pulse of energy no attenuation of role Yu we of skin, also is because this also on formed has perfect of pulse energy, elimination has e light and IPL first pulse of high energy peak, child pulse energy of individually attenuation of this a technology disadvantages, this on makes OPT in treatment effect had above has special significantly sex of improve , Especially in lightening, hair removal, skin rejuvenation. More good role to improve skin texture and reduce pores, therefore is a true sense of rejuvenation technique, and more importantly safety of greatly improving and avoid past photorejuvenation treatment often side effects such as skin burns. Real pulse full energy output smooth and uniform, fully intelligent control software, sets of pulsed light IPL, pigmented lesions, vascular treatment in one, OPT therapeutic equivalent of 2-3 traditional treatments. Sapphire cooling technology, greatly improved the safety and efficacy of treatment. This is the IPL after four generations of new breakthrough technology. OPT square wave technology that is perfectly controllable intense pulse light technology, is the latest generation pulse technology.

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