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    If you are looking for best high quality CE certification and newest fashion body beauty equipments, physical therapy, body beauty devices, body beauty machines, body beauty instruments, beauty machines for body, beauty equipments for body from professional physical therapy, body beauty machines, body beauty devices, beauty machines for body, beauty equipments for body, body beauty instruments manufacturer and factory, please feel free to contact MENObeauty.
    • Q0 Handle

      Contact NowQ0 HandleQ0 handle With vacuum & ultrasound & RFRead More2016-01-23

    • Slimming Machine Roller Handle

      Contact NowSlimming Machine Roller Handleslimming machine roller handle reduce weight machine roller handle with vacuum & RF & ultrasoundRead More2016-01-23

    • Physical Therapy Machine Handle

      Contact NowPhysical Therapy Machine HandlePhysical therapy machine handle Vacuum cavitation machine handle With vacuum & RF & 905soft laserRead More2016-01-23

    • Fat Reduce Machines

      Contact NowFat Reduce Machinesfat reduce machinesproduct name: Q0physical therapy machinesA.Working PrincipleUltrasound & NC vacuum & tipolar RF & 905soft laser & mechanical roller technologies combined;B.Applications1.body and thRead More2016-01-15

    • Reduce Weight Machine

      Contact NowReduce Weight Machinereduce weight machineproduct name: FlyActionslimming equipmentA.Working PrincipleUltrasound & NC vacuum & tipolar RF technologies combinedB.Applications1.body and thigh and buttock and abdomen and legRead More2016-01-15

    • Slimming Machine

      Contact NowSlimming Machineslimming machineproduct name: maxlimslimming machine in vacuum cavitation systemA.Working Principleinfrared ray heats target tissue and bipolar RF heats target tissue and Vacuum & mechanical roller ;BRead More2016-01-15

    • MENO Liposonix With Vacuum And RF

      Contact NowMENO Liposonix With Vacuum And RFMENO.liposonix with vacuum and RF features: 1.high intensity focused ultrasound treat body with partial larger energy points; 2. vacuum suct body adipose layer to avoid hurt argans;Read More2016-04-30

    • Beauty Breast Machines Equipments

      Contact NowBeauty Breast Machines Equipmentsbeauty breast machinesproduct name: breast instrumentbeauty breast equipmentsA.Working PrincipleVacuum and bipolar RF and biological micro-current and infrared rayB.Applications1.breast enlargement;2.Read More2016-01-15

    • Vacuum Physical Therapy Machine

      Contact NowVacuum Physical Therapy MachineA.Working Principle NC vacuum & bipolar RF & 905soft laser technologies combined; B.Applications 1.removing bags under eyes; 2.removing black circles around eyes; 3.body contouring & shaping & slimming,eliminate toxin in body; 4.physical therapy; 5.promoting and accelerating body's metabolism; 6.achieve body circumfeRead More2016-01-15

    • Shape Body Equipment Machine

      Contact NowShape Body Equipment Machineshape body equipmentproduct name: Dream Action Plusslimming body machineA.Working PrincipleNC vacuum & bipolar RF & 905soft laser technologies combined;B.Applications1.body contouring & shaping & slimRead More2016-01-15

    • Weight Loss Machine

      Contact NowWeight Loss Machineweight loss machineproduct name: Dream Action Pluslose weight machineA.Working PrincipleUltrasound & NC vacuum & tipolar RF technologies combinedB.Applications1.body and thigh and buttock and abdomenRead More2016-01-15


      Contact NowV.LIPOSONIXV.LIPOSONIXliposonix machineA.Working PrincipleMENO liposonix adopts high intensity focused ultrasound(HIFU) technology,which delivers focused ultrasound energy at precise depth and causes destructionRead More2016-01-15

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